What are the chances of cure in case of a gastrointestinal cancer ?

It is understandable that you as a patient, or as a friend or relative, want to know it in detail in case of the diagnosis of a digestive tract cancer: Can I be cured ? What are my chances to survive ? In brief: How is the prognosis?

Prognostic values are always based on the median data obtained in thousands of patients. They indicate the probability for the outcome of a disease, but they do not allow an accurate prediction for an individual patient. Prognostic values can therefore only serve for orientation.

Principially, the earlier a carcinoma is being diagnosed, the earlier the stage is at the time of initial diagnosis, the better the prognosis and likelihood for long-term survival.

Because of improved surgical techniques, especially if the operation is done in a treatment center with experienced cancer surgeons, and due to the availability of numerous new & more effective chemo- and immunotherapies, the prognosis has become much better in most malignancies, especially in tumors of the digestive tract.

Another important step in terms of an improvement of the prognosis in cancer was the performance of numerous, mostly international clinical trials. They have also demonstrated that an optimal treatment strategy can only be effected by an interdisciplinary patient management, i.e., by close cooperation of surgeons, oncologist, radio-oncologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists and pathologists.

Austria, by the way, is among the leading European countries in terms of survival rates. About 61% of all affected patients will live longer than 5 years.