Gastric Cancer

This is a malignant tumor originating in the mucosa of the stomach. In Austria approximately 2.200 persons are affected every year, men are at a higher risk compared to women. This tumor most commonly occurs in elderly patients with a peak incidence between 55 and 75 years.

What are the symptoms of gastric cancer ?

Clinical symptoms usually occur in advanced tumor stages. Symptoms comprise upper abdominal pain like in case of gastritis or peptic ulcers, weight loss, loss of appetite, unwillingness to eat meet, nausea, vomiting, fullness, tiredness, and loss of activity. Sometimes gastric bleeding can occur, resulting in black stool or coffe-ground like vomiting. The latter symptoms should be rapidely investigated by a gastroscopy.

How can I help you ?

Contact me via my mobile phone 0664 206 74 80 and fix an appointment in my private praxis. During our first meeting we will discuss your personal situation in all details, and I will examine you physically. In case of existent complaints I will prescribe you usually promptly effective symptomatic medications. The subsequent diagnostic steps must be planned and scheduled. I will refer you for a laboratory examination, a gastroscopy in order to histologically ascertain the diagnosis, and a computertomography of the chest and abdomen in order to assess the stage of the disease. Sometimes additional examinations are required, which I will also organise for you.

Depending on the results of these examinations the optimal treatment strategy for you will be defined.

In case of an early stage, a radical operative removal of the tumor and of the nearby lymph nodes should be performed. I will refer you to an experienced surgeon.

In locally advanced tumors that do not appear to be resectable with curative intent, in agreement with a number of international studies, a preoperative chemotherapy is recommended today. The likelihood of a successful surgical intervention at a later time point and long term survival can be significantly approved by this strategy, which I will coordinate for you.

In patients with metastases in the abdominal cavity or in other organs like the liver or lung, there is a clear indication for systemic chemotherapy ± immunotherapy. In gastric cancers that are Her2-neu positive (approximately 20% of all tumors), a finding which can be assessed by a special microscopic examination of tumor tissue, the antibody trastuzumab in combination with chemotherapy has shown excellent therapeutic results.

Ideally contact me as soon as possible since the earlier the stage of the disease, the better the chances for cure.

What are the costs ?

The costs for diagnosis and treatment at the Medical University in the AKH, in another public hospital or in a private clinic will be payed by your public or a private health insurance. My honorarium will be agreed upon individually, for a first consultation I will charge an amount of 180 Euro. The public health insurance usually refunds up to 80% of the honorarium a physician with a health insurance contract would request for the same treatment. Private insurances usually refund the entire honorarium of the doctor of your choice.